I am confident that my poetry will conquer the whole world
Because she is very humane.
There is no topic more important than humanism,
For humanism is the main theme of poetry.

Which covers all spheres of the Universe,
Fulfills the ideas of the Almighty in life.
Poets are God’s earthly apostles,
How wonderful and light it is to serve in this area.

Although it’s not a rewarding job,
Free, unnoticed.
Sometimes, for someone boring, annoying,
But it is the support, the pivot of earthly existence.

Sometimes people think that materialism is higher,
Material benefits are of interest to everyone.
How wrong they are: without spiritual food,
A person can turn into a beast of prey.

Although we are not noticed by the people around us,
We are always noticed by the Creator.
He keeps in touch with us all the time,
He never forgets about us!

Rahim KARIM.

Araç çubuğuna atla