They say, all the answers to our questions come from within us. So lately, I was going through some questions which I had penned down in my diary a few years ago and saw what all has changed over years.

Most of my questions, my queries and my doubts have came to a halt. Moreover the things which felt like a huge mountain to deal with, now seemed so tiny, so little, so feeble and also sometimes some things to be laughed upon.

It’s then when I realised that this life is like a stage where we humans perform as individuals, the director is our fate and the production is held by the Lord (God) himself.

Then finally when this whole pondering came to the conclusion, I got to realise that worrying about things has always been natural upto some extent but you know at the end it’s only God who takes care of you and things not in your hands, it’s him who has created the world and it is only and only him who operates it and not you.

So when you see things falling apart, you must not lose hopes and must also know he is with you and within you, always.
Have faith.

© Shree Gaba

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